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How VoIP is Helping Businesses Cope with COVID-19

2020 has been a strange year for businesses all over the world. Since the end of March, most businesses have been forced to scale back operations, make adjustments to their operations, or close down, so they adhere to mandated social distancing measures to contain and...

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10 Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions that people make about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is that it is a phone system exclusively designed for the use and benefit of enterprise-level businesses. VoIP has several features that make it ideal for a wide range...

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CRTC 2018-484 Explained

The Compliance, Enforcement and Telecom Regulatory Policy ‘CRTC 2018-484’ Explained  We live in a time where some of us get many phone calls from people trying to sell us things, or phone calls that have nothing to do with us. This problem has gotten so bad that some...

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How to Get the Most out of Your New VoIP Phone System

Alexander Graham Bell changed the way the world communicates with his invention of the telephone. Bell launched his eponymous phone company in 1877. Although it took a few decades, by 1910 there were over 5 million telephones in Bell's phone system.   Today, it's...

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Top Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

Technavio—one of the world’s premier market research companies reported in 2017 that it expects the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of VoIP’s global market to stand at approximately 10% for the period ending 2021. Other global research companies like Statista and...

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What is a VoIP Phone?

Current trends in business have led to the constant use of phrases such as VoIP phones and cloud-based computing. And while these phrases may sound funny, they are anything but funny. VoIP, in particular is an acronym that stands for the next big step in the...

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Why Choose VoIP instead of Landlines

If you are here, then you probably already know what the terms VoIP and Landline refer to. However, for purposes of clarity, we’ll just briefly define them one more time. VoIP – which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is a system of sending and receiving calls...

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How to Choose a VoIP Provider

VoIP is increasingly gaining popularity among households and businesses—small, medium or large. Of course, this has everything to do with its array of benefits, the most important of which are reduced costs, flexibility and multi-functionality. But knowing these...

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Are Landlines a Thing of the Past?

One constant in life is Change—this is one thing we all can agree on. And this applies to our personal lives just as much as it does to the telecommunications industry. Have you ever sat back and imagined that there was a time when payphones were the next big thing in...

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