Our Product Delivery Policy

Product Delivery Policy

When will it be delivered?

If the service you are ordering require a physical product (i.e. A Desktop Phone) and you have order these products, an estimated delivery date will be provided after your order is placed. The delivery dates can vary due to carrier shipping practices, delivery location and the specific items you order. Products may be delivered in separate shipments.

Where to ship them?

You can have your items delivered to your home or office or another location. The only requirement is that there is someone available to receive the items when they arrive.

How do we ship items?

Our policy is to use conventional postal services by Canada Post unless we are asked by the customer to use a courier of their choice (the customer must make arrangements for such service with their courier service provider).

We do not offer local pickup

FiberConX is not a retail outlet. We only ship products.

Product Delivery Policy July 4th, 2020 Jerry Kendall