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Building effective communication between team members is important to the productivity of any company. Many people use business or office phones to help enhance the workflow of their companies. In the opinions of many, The Polycom VVX601 is the best phone that helps deliver good communication and secure calls.

The Polycom VVX601 has everything a good business phone should have and is a recommended choice by many consumers. In this article, we are going to go through all the things that make the the VVX line the best choice for building effective communication. The Polycom VVX601 is the perfect answer to problems with limited and unorganized communication. The multi-touch user interfaces with great audio quality, and easier to handle mechanics makes the VVX601 the best phone for your company.


With everyday objects such as an office phone, simplicity is an important factor when choosing one to use on a large scale. The VVX601 provides this by having intuitive design and simple interfaces. The design of the machine also speaks volumes as it comes with an ergonomic design with HD voice quality and color resolution to make your experience with the phone better.

Notable Features 

The Polycom VVX601 is one of the highest quality phones on the market. The distance range of this particular phone is perfect for any big business, looking for a phone suitable for long distance calls. With this machine, users will be able to handle their workplace applications by phone without issues. The VVX601 allows the user to handle the Microsoft exchange calendars, meeting reminders, messages, and alerts right on the display of the phone. This phone is especially compatible with a computer as well. The above features allow for the computer to be focused on the actual work instead of switching between messages and the calendar. This increases fluidity allowing for more streamlined and productive work environments.

Handling of the phone

The Polycom VVX601 is an amazing phone not only for use but to set up as well. Its enterprise-grade zero-touch provisioning and server-based configuration will work well on large scale deployments. The Polycom VVX601 features redirection services which will give your administrators the option to maintain a large number of phones throughout the entire organization. The inbuilt broad interoperability options allow the IT departments to easily integrate with third-party UC applications.

Advanced Features

The Polycom VVX601 comes with built-in web applications and digital photo frames, giving you all the information you need without taking a deep dive into the machine. Furthermore, There is a video playback feature that can be accessed by users to stream content from this phone. Future expansion modules and applications will make this much easier and communication efficient. The Polycom VVX camera just takes seconds to install and it enables the Polycom VVX601 video conference friendly. All of this can happen on the user’s desk without adding any third-party conference room.

You will be able to create a video conference room in a matter of seconds without spending money on other software. A camera is simple to set up but once done, can be a powerful tool for your company to use. The touch screen is multi touch-capable, with a gesture-based system to help your interaction with the phone better. The screen has a 16:9 ratio, with the option for the screen saver and digital picture frame mode will make the display look much more pleasing.

Other features:

  • On-screen virtual keyboard
  • Voicemail and voicemail support1
  • Dual USB ports (2.0 compliant) for media and storage applications
  • Integrated Bluetooth® 2.1 EDR
  • Adjustable base height
  • Polycom HD Voice™ 2
  • Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ technology,
  • Gives you a better quality sound 

The following list is one that includes features that make calls higher quality  and allow for a better experience while using the Polycom VVX600:

  • Distinctive incoming call waiting
  • Call timer and call waiting
  • Call transfer, hold, forward, and pickup
  • Called, calling, connected party information
  • Local 3-way audio conferencing
  • 1-touch speed dial, and redial
  • Remote missed call notification
  • Do not disturb function


These are the features that make the Polycom VVX601 a great choice phone for workplace oriented work. The mentioned features such as the interactive touch screen or the support for video calls are what give this phone its value. Call information is easy to access on this phone and the intuitive interfaces allow for organization of your tech based workspace easier. If you want to get a business phone for any organization, the Polycom VVX601 is the best phone for any office you can think of.


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Polycom VVX601 August 22nd, 2020 Ethan Lem