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Polycom CCX 600

When it comes to the field of communications, nobody comes close to the quality and performance offered by Polycom. Their line up features great quality devices with better hardware and software making it good for the long run. The CCX 600 series by Polycom are specially designed to work with Microsoft teams. The CCX series will provide services that make the most out of the workday without compromising on the basic features that people expect from a phone.

 The Polycom CCX 600 comes with crystal clear voice quality, access to Microsoft teams, LCD screen with a touchpad, HD voice, and much more to make your phone experience better. Some features stand out compared to other phones, the Polycom CCX series gives you access to efficient communication technology while staying within a moderate price range. 

The CCX series of premium VoIP phones started with the CCX 400. Since then, the company has been investing their time and money to make the device better and as work-friendly as possible. Each new variation of the CCX has added plenty of new features to improve the phone. Each change in the system brings something new to the table that makes communication more effective. Here the question becomes: what makes the CCX 600 VoIP Phone better than its predecessors? In this article, you will find all the features and benefits of having the CCX 600.


The display is one of the defining features of the CCX series.The interactive screen makes the entire system more intuitive; the goal of Polycom with regards to the CCX phones. This iteration comes with a bigger screen that is designed for Microsoft teams. The older models suffered from a smaller display, which makes using the device difficult, but with the inclusion of a 7-inch screen this issue has been resolved.

As always, The interface of this phone is simple and intuitive. Anybody would be able to use the phone without a tutorial. Every feature in the CCX 600 is user friendly without any unnecessary complexities that make user experience difficult. With the CCX 600, you can expect a much nicer look to the UI of the phone.


The CCX 600 comes with a dedicated Microsoft teams button, making accessing this feature easier than before. With this iteration, Polycom has made the system of accessing Microsoft teams much easier than before. Prior, you would have to navigate the settings in order to gather information about the call. With this new button, it should make accessing this data much more intuitive. 

Polycom CCX 600

Audio Quality

The CCX 600 will keep your conversations clear. Impressive HD voice and audio will make conversations easier and remove some of the confusion calls can have. Noise cancellation is an up and coming feature on most audio devices and is included on this phone. It helps limit background noise and allows for clearer and less convoluted audio. Using the CCX 600 will deliver a crystal clear audio quality all throughout the call without any distortion or noises of any kind.

Security Features

Call security details are important for the privacy of everyone on the call. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, because anybody can hack into the system if they find a vulnerability. The CCX 600 has a list of features that protects the call by media encryption, and includes HD audio features to make calls more friendly and safe.

The security and the audio quality will make the conversations on the phone safer and more effective. The larger screen will help you manage your conversation with ease, while HD voice and good acoustic clarity will ensure the audio quality of the call stays good without any spikes in lag or clarity.

Value of the phone

The CCX 600 has a full-duplex speakerphone solution with an echo cancellation feature. You can install your phone anywhere you want thanks to the integrated wifi that you get with the CCX 600. 

Looking at all the details of the device, the value of the CCX 600 outweighs the price tag that Is attached to it. It’s all about bringing you the best performance, by including advanced technology in the device. Making the CCX 600 one of the best choices to go for on the market.

Making calls to your client has never been this easy and safe, the CCX 600 is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their Microsoft teams experience with perfect audio quality, high security media encryption, and an intuitive interface.


The Polycom CCX 600 is truly a premium VoIP Phone. For effective communication in any office the CCX 600 is more valuable than any other phone on the market. The sheer number of features that you get with this machine will increase the performance and the productivity of the company to another level. That is why the CCX SERIES has long been the favorite for many businesses in the world. The audio quality and the display screen knocks other alternatives out of the list. To answer the former question; yes the CCX 600 does improve upon the previous versions of the phone.

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Polycom CCX 600 August 3rd, 2020 Ethan Lem