Maximizing your new VoIP Phone system

Alexander Graham Bell changed the way the world communicates with his invention of the telephone. Bell launched his eponymous phone company in 1877. Although it took a few decades, by 1910 there were over 5 million telephones in Bell’s phone system.  

Today, it’s impossible to imagine a world without telephones and instant communication. The way people make calls has also changed. 

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as the VoIP phone system, is fast becoming the new standard. Do you own or run a business? Chances are, you already use VoIP or you’re looking for a new VoIP phone system. 

Read on for some tips, tricks, and insights for getting the most out of your VoIP phone system.  

The Basics of a VoIP Phone System

VoIP harnesses the power of the internet for communication. Instead of the wired-in, landline phone system from the phone company, VoIP uses your existing internet connection. 

VoIP is a cheaper, better alternative to traditional phone systems. A VoIP phone system offers all the basics of your regular landline telephone. 

  • Standard calls
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Voicemail

The great thing about VoIP is that it offers so much more. Every company is different so you’ll set up your VoIP system to best meet your company’s needs. 

Understanding what VoIP offers, ensures you’ll get the most out of your telephone system. 

Before switching to VoIP, simply ensure you’ve got the right network infrastructure for the system. It’s not uncommon to need some new hardware for a proper functioning system. 

Call Screening

The advent of caller ID gave everyone call-screening capabilities. With VoIP, you’ve got advanced call screening. You’ll have several options for call handling when you see who’s on the line. 

Don’t have time for that customer right now? Push the call to another phone, voicemail, or even your cell phone. You can disconnect a call without allowing a voicemail message. 

Do you have a VIP customer? Set a distinctive ring tone for that customer.  

Call Recording and Coaching

Making sales calls doesn’t come easy for many sales reps. Coaching your reps through a call just got easier. 

With VoIP, you can do real-time coaching during a call. A manager can listen in on the call and make suggestions to the rep without the customer hearing. 

Record calls easily so managers can help spot strengths and weaknesses. 

Voicemail Transcription

You won’t get this from a traditional landline. Voicemail transcription offers great efficiency. 

Stuck in a meeting but you see an important voicemail come through? No need to interrupt the meeting or leave. Look at the transcription of the voicemail right from your phone. 

You’ll know if the call requires immediate attention. 

Follow Me

VoIP phone systems are smart systems. You can go anywhere without worrying about missing a call. 

Set your system to ring the office twice. No one picks up? No problem.

The system sends the call to your cellphone or wherever else you tell it to go. You can set the system to ring one phone or several. 

Do Not Disturb

Business owners looking for a good work-life balance love this feature. Instead of having your calls follow you around, turn them off completely. 

Do you want all calls going to voicemail over the weekend? Turn on the “Do Not Disturb” feature. Turn it on manually or program it for a regular schedule. 


Reaching a human being is valuable in today’s business climate. No one likes pressing button after button attempting to reach an operator. 

There are times when the receptionist is busy, though, and can’t get to the call. What then?

An auto-attendant can transfer calls, offer voicemail options, and even has support functions. 

It’s All in the Data

Traditional landlines can’t collect data the way a VoIP phone system can. What can a VoIP system collect?

  • Who calls in
  • Who calls out
  • Length of calls
  • Time between calls
  • Number of transfers for a single call

Are you in an industry that values single-call resolution? Understanding your call data helps get you to your goal. 

Grab your call statistics at any time. Most VoIP providers offer pre-created types of data lists making it easy to find what you need. 

Don’t see a pre-created data set? Most providers offer custom reporting or you can simply get all the raw data on a spreadsheet. 

Using the Data

What do you do with all that data? Put it to work for you. 

Put a custom phone number on a specific advertisement to monitor ad effectiveness. Take a look at where the bulk of your calls come from by looking at area codes. 

Are your operators complaining about being understaffed due to call volume? The numbers don’t lie. 

You can not only check call volume but you can also see the time of day when most calls come in. Adjust your employee schedules based on call volumes. 

You can get down to the details with customer rep calls. Do you notice that your reps close more deals with shorter phone calls? Use that information when coaching your sales reps. 

Entry Control

Do you need a secure entrance to your business? Your VoIP phone system can even help you answer the door.

It’s called integrated entry control. Employees in the back can screen guests and buzz them through the door using their phones.

The Versatility of a VoIP Phone System 

The VoIP phone system is a versatile and functional phone system. VoIP goes above and beyond a traditional landline phone. 

These affordable and accessible phone systems are great for any size business. They’re perfect for small businesses starting out because they’re scaleable. They grow when your business grows. 

VoIP offers access to data that regular landlines can’t give you. That data is valuable to your business, helping you with everything from targeted advertising to coaching your sales reps. 

Are you ready for VoIP? Let us help you today.

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How to Get the Most out of Your New VoIP Phone System July 11th, 2020 Jerry Kendall