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Virtual Local Phone Numbers

What are Virtual Local Numbers?

A Virtual Local Number is just like a normal telephone number but, is not tied to a specific address, line or location. The major benefit of a Virtual Local Number is that any calls made to the virtual number are routed to another phone number.

Virtual Local Numbers are usually used to


About 65% of our subscribers use Virtual Local Numbers for business call forwarding activities. Some will use the number as a local FAX line while most will use it to establish a local presence in another region.


About 25% of our subscribers will use Virtual Local Numbers as a simple call forwarding service. Most of them will put the Virtual Local Number on their websites, email and business cards. They usually have calls forwarded directly to their smartphone.


The remaining 10% of our subscribers will also use Virtual Local Numbers as a simple call forwarding service. They usualy use it so friends and family in their ‘home town’ can call them without making long distance calls.

What Does a Virtual Local Number Cost?

Monthly Service Fees

The monthly fees for the Virtual Local Number service plans from FiberConX normally range from $3.50 – $5.50 per month depending on the location of the desired phone number.

Monthly Usage Fees

At FiberConX, our Virtual Local Number services are priced to please. The per minute usage fees start at $0.025 per minute. This varies based on the monthly call volume and the service package.

No Long Term Contract

With FiberConX Virtual Local Number services, there are no long term contracts. Our services are month to month. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time.

How to Get Your Own Virtual Local Number

By Phone

You can call us directly at any time by any of the phone numbers shown on our Contact Us page.

By Email

You can email us directly at any time by any of the email addresses shown on our Contact Us page..

Contact Form

You can reach us directly at any time by the completing the contact form on our Contact Us page.

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