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If you need a handset to keep pace with your busy and active life, then the VVX D230 is the device you need for a high quality por. Teamwork is important in every department, to keep everyone working with maximum impact and this phone allows for good teamwork anywhere at any time. The VVX D230 is a business feature phone that includes all the basic features that you would expect from a phone but it packs in more advanced features to enhance your business phone experience all while being portable and allowing your company to stay connected.

This IP phone will work as efficiently as any desk phone in the market. This phone brings features that other phones lack. Features such as Do not disturb, intercom, three-way audio conferencing, display, high-resolution color contrast, and a lot more to keep your business experience complete. In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into what marks VVX D230 as an ideal phone for those who seek performance in the business aspect of phones.


The phone’s portability and high range in all locations makes it a candidate for one of the highest value phones you can get. Let’s start with the first thing that you see on the phone; the display. The phones come with a TFT LCD display with multi-language support, and it can handle Unicode UTF-8 character support. The display is large enough to tell you everything there is to know about the status of the phone, and is one of the best you will get for a wireless phone.



As referenced before, this phone includes multi-language support. If you are looking to have a multilingual user interface, then the VVX D230 is the perfect choice. Here are the supported languages of this phone: English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Slovene, French, and Italian.

Supported languages make everything much more clear for non-English first language people, who are on the line. as the language barrier won’t be a problem here in communication.


Audio Features

The audio quality is the most important thing in any phone. With VVX D230, you will get acoustic echo cancellation and background noise suppression to enhance the audio quality. This is important, as this phone is made for outdoor calls and the outdoors has a menagerie of different sounds. Having a phone that comes with the feature of noise cancellation, will make the phone call go really well.

For any external connection, you will get a dedicated 2.5 mm slot for your Audio peripherals. If you don’t have any audio devices that have the 2.5 mm connectivity, then you will find a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm converter in the box.


WIth such a wide arrangement of phones in the market, an individual business phone must be unique and powerful in order to stand out. With the VVX D230, the user will get to make 8 calls simultaneously without any issue or reduction in the voice quality. The user will also get to share the calls and configure the phone to handle maximum asynchronous sessions that don’t result in disconnection. Basic features such as Distinctive incoming call treatment/ call

Waiting will be there along with call transfer, call hold, call forward, call pick up, and call resume.

These are an essential feature of every phone, you won’t miss out on any one of them with the VVX D230. This phone has a one-touch speed dial, and a redial option. The user will get many customisation options to make their experience with the phone more effective. Dealing with the team workers on call has never been easier with the VVX phone series.



The VVX D230 comes with a handset rechargeable battery. It will provide you the talk time of 10 hours straight, and 100 hours of standby time. The battery life of this phone will fare well with the daily activities of a company. 10 hours of Talk time backup will give you enough time to talk anywhere in the day once the phone is fully charged.

Other Features

This device supports 10 handsets per base and 9 simultaneous calls at a time. The wireless technology helps out a lot in the field of business, you don’t have to restrict one type of place at a time, with the 10 hours of talk time, you can go anywhere and strike a conversation with 8 different people at a single time. The best thing about this is the audio quality for each of the calls that you made with the phone will stay at the same exact rate. No quality degradation in audio you would feel by using this phone.



When it comes to delivering power and performance in a business phone, ruling out a VVX phone would be a bad decision to make. Since it offers all the basic tools and the advanced features, this is a good phone for any size company. Most importantly, you don’t have to go through a tutorial section to learn how the device works, just follow the instructions, then you will be ready to use the device to its fullest extent. These are the reasons why VVX D230 stands as one of the best business phones available in the market.

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Polycom VVX D230 DECT IP Phone October 21st, 2020 Ethan Lem