Networ Peering at FiberConX
Network Peering with FiberConX
FiberConX has an open peering policy.
We are happy to peer with any network service provider that operates responsibly and in accordance with generally-accepted best practices.
Why Peer with FiberConX?

  • Higher Level of Control
    – Peering connections keep local traffic local and avoid third-party outages
  • Improved Performance
    – Peered traffic gets there faster by avoid transit connections
  • Increased Redundancy
    – More peer connections, more ways to get the data delivered
  • Higher Capacity
    – Peering connections start at 1Gbps and have no usage costs

Peering Requirements:

  • The destination address of all traffic you send to us must be destined to prefixes we advertise to you.
  • The source address of all traffic you send to us must be from prefixes you advertise to us.
  • You agree to configure equipment as necessary to maintain uncongested interconnection paths.
  • You maintain a 24×7 NOC with standard technical, administrative, legal, and abuse POCs.
  • You respond promptly to communications and work cooperatively to resolve all incidents in a timely manner.
  • You BGP advertise only prefixes delegated to you and your customers by an Authorized Regional Internet Registry.
  • You will not engage in networking practices that are generally deemed abusive, fraudulent or illegal.

To setup network peering with us, please send an email to

FiberConX Network Peers
AS261983Men@Work Integrated Networks Inc.
AS400283z Canada
AS394986412 Networks Inc.
AS21552About Communications
AS21570Accelerated Connections Inc.
AS46195Activo, Inc.
AS14453Advanced Knowledge Networks
AS12041Afilias Limited
AS11522Agilis Networks
AS35893Aircomplus Inc.
AS20940Akamai Technologies
AS393681All Blue Solutions
AS32489Amanah Tech Inc.
AS32489Amanah Tech Inc. (B)
AS62560Andrews Wireless Ltd.
AS112AS112 Project
AS2685ATT Global Services Canada Co.
AS54182Axia Connect Limited
AS21949Beanfield Technologies Inc.
AS394678Bluewater Regional Networks
AS33139Canaca Com
AS19234Canada Web Hosting
AS27324Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
AS27299Canadian Internet Registration Auth
AS393845Carbon60 Networks
AS35974Carpathia Hosting, Inc.
AS33541ccRoute Inc
AS36408CDNetworks, Inc.
AS19693CentriLogic Inc.
AS54614CIK Telecom Inc.
AS13445Cisco Webex
AS4470CiteNet Internet
AS393990Clearcable Networks
AS13335CloudFlare, Inc.
AS7992Cogeco Cable Canada Inc.
AS23498Cogeco Data Services Inc
AS36466Cohere Communications
AS19842Colosseum Online
AS54351Communicate Freely
AS40383Compton Communications
AS54164Computer Talk
AS15128Comwave Telecom Inc.
AS16949Connex See Service
AS43531Console Network Solutions
AS54002CRS Networks Inc.
AS31800DALnet IRC Networks
AS32241Data Deposit Box (Acpana Buss. Sys)
AS21834Desire2Learn Incorporated
AS394362Digital Ocean, Inc.
AS11814Distributel Communications, Ltd.
AS63419Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
AS34695E4A S.R.L.
AS11260Eastlink Limited
AS13657E-Gate Communications Inc.
AS30528EI Catalyst Corp.
AS21513Epik Networks
AS7794Execulink Telecom Inc.
AS32934Facebook Inc.
AS54113Fastly, Inc.
AS13895FiberConX Communications
AS22873Fiber Networx Inc.
AS22748Fibre Media / Skynet Canada
AS22652Fibrenoire Internet
AS32678Fidalia Networks Inc
AS30539Flowfinity Wireless Inc.
AS25948Fonthill Media Network
AS7311Frontier Networks
AS53338Frontline Broadband Inc.
AS14500Galaxybroadband Communications, Inc
AS62782Gazelle Communications
AS15169Google, Inc.
AS549GTAnet Networking
AS393457HCE Telecom Inc
AS19117Heavy Computing
AS5580Hibernia Networks
AS46609Hosting Logistic Inc. Inc.
AS36236Host Virtual, Inc
AS32156Humber College
AS6939Hurricane Electric
AS19752Hydro One Telecom
AS53732InnSys Inc.
AS33130Internet Access Solutions Ltd.
AS12059Internet Light and Power, Inc.
AS30130Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
AS11468Internetworking Atlantic
AS41095IPTP Networks
AS22964ISP Telecom Inc.
AS5111IT Canada
AS32613iWeb Technologies
AS36052Juch-Tech, Inc.
AS26288Keewaytinook Okimakanak
AS18650Korax Inc.
AS53494Lantern Hill IT
AS22822Limelight Networks
AS14413Linkedin Corporation
AS26838Magna International
AS7057Managed Network Systems Inc.
AS32100Metro Loop
AS14651Navigata Communications
AS8001Net Access Corporation
AS25946NetAccess Systems Inc.
AS30028Netset Communication Ltd
AS4508NeuStyle Solutions Ltd.
AS33554Neutral Data Centres Corp.
AS11666Nexicom Inc.
AS13727Next Dimension Inc.
AS53486Niagara Regional Broadband Networks Inc
AS393636N Plus Networks
AS13794Odynet Inc.
AS26677Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network
AS23136OnX Enterprise Solutions
AS36692OpenDNS, Inc.
AS33539Openwave Systems, Inc.
AS3856Packet Clearing House
AS15024Packet-Tel Corp.
AS11342Pathway Communications
AS35998Peel District School Board
AS13768Peer1 Hosting
AS23184Persona Inc.
AS18588PostMedia Network Inc.
AS6407Primus Telecommunications CA Inc.
AS30176Priority Colo Inc.
AS53424PurePages Inc.
AS12188Q9 Networks Inc.
AS25914Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc.
AS21724Radiant Communications Corp.
AS12212Ravand Cybertech Inc - CNR, Istituto di Informatica e Tel
AS6507Riot Games
AS812Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
AS18997RU Networks
AS803Saskatchewan Telecommunications
AS47027Seaside Communications
AS48768SED Multitel s.r.l.
AS40224Selectcom Telecom
AS11647Sentex Communications Corporation
AS32881Server North Inc.
AS6327Shaw Communications Inc.
AS5664Sheridan College
AS14166SoftCom Inc.
AS36351SoftLayer Technologies Canada Corporation
AS35843Source Cable Limited
AS40788Start Communications
AS13319Storm Internet Services
AS46156Sun Life
AS394367System Lifeline Inc.
AS40112Techify Inc.
AS5645TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
AS32710TELoIP Inc.
AS20161TeraGo Networks Inc.
AS33361The Wire Inc.
AS19467The Working Group Inc.
AS39470TMX Atrium
AS393424Toronto Internet eXchange - Services LAN
AS46562Total Server Solutions
AS15348Tucows Inc.
AS1828Unitas Global
AS53525Venture Computers Of Canada Inc
AS5690ViaNet Internet Solution
AS51329VianetTV Inc.
AS5769Videotron Telecom Ltee
AS10996VIF Internet
AS54198Vmedia Inc.
AS36518VSOFT Inc.
AS54235Watch Tower Canada
AS19016Westman Communication Group
AS29974Wightman Communications
AS20365WIND mobile
AS36273WIND mobile I.T.
AS63170WireIE Holdings International
AS23252WTC Communications
AS22995Xplornet Communications Inc.
AS10310Yahoo Inc.
AS32580Yak Communications (Canada) Corp
AS36731Zip Telecom
AS22616Zscaler Inc.
Peering September 14th, 2021 Jerry Kendall