Mental Health Hotline 9-8-8 - FiberConX

9-8-8  Canada’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Hotline

While the CRTC has not yet required Canada’s Telephone Service providers to fully implement the 9-8-8 three-digit dialing code, FiberConX has enabled the 9-8-8 dialing code to all it’s customers in the belief that this is a responsible thing to do and that the CRTC will make the 9-8-8 three-digit dialing code a condition of service pursuant to section 24 of Canada’s Telecommunications Act.


Anyone seeking advise on mental health issues may call Canada’s Suicide Prevention Service at their Toll-Free Number 1.833.456.4566 directly and any FiberConX Phone Service customers can dial 9-8-8 as well.


Mental Health Hotline 9-8-8 June 3rd, 2022 Jerry Kendall