What Are VoIP Phones and Why Does My Business Need Them?

VoIP systems are a relatively new technology that’s transforming the way businesses communicate. A VoIP Phone is a software-or hardware-based phone designed to use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It transmits phone calls over an IP network, like the internet.

Nowadays, more multinational companies are switching to hosted VoIP services. Many small businesses, on the other hand, are using VoIP on their cell phones. All these options present a ton of potential advantages.

The benefits of using VoIP phone systems for businesses are quickly evident among those who make the switch. When used by companies, VoIP phones can build an innovative collaboration system at a lesser cost than traditional phone technologies.

Read below to know the important key reasons your business needs to use VoIP phones.

Reduced Costs

Whether or not your business generates profit, you don’t want to ignore an opportunity to reduce costs. Operating costs for most VoIP service providers are way more affordable than traditional phone technologies. Plus, it requires no huge upfront investment for your business to benefit from the lower costs of calling using VoIP.

As a cloud-based service that virtually anyone can operate, you won’t need to spend exorbitant prices on equipment. You also will not have to hire an IT staff to keep it running. Allowing your employees to use smartphones, for example, is a great way to cut costs.

You will only need to purchase VoIP phones to ensure lower bills. Some companies do pay their VoIP service providers for extra features such as call forwarding, call blocking and call display. Many other companies allow you to access these features at no additional costs.

Also, long-distance and international calls are by far cheaper when using VoIP phones.

Efficient Client Interaction

Due to the numerous uses of the internet, most businesses have a basic internet service of at least 10Mbps. Also, as the the price of internet access has gone down, the internet has become a reliable way to communicate. VoIP is a natural and efficient usage of the internet.

For example, VoIP business service allows you to continue communicating even if the weather is unfavorable. This can help boost brand reputation and attract more revenue.

With today’s digital world, business relationships and partnerships can be formed from anywhere in the world. This often means that you may be required to travel to attend meetings. If you have VoIP phone service you won’t have to worry about missing important calls while traveling.

The service allows you to forward essential important calls. VoIP phone systems let you decide how and where your calls ring. For example, you may decide that all calls are be forwarded to your home—VoIP Service for home can help you with that.

If you don’t pick up the call, it can be routed to other devices.

Easy to Set Up and Maintain

With most VoIP phones, you don’t need to install complex platforms that require lots of adjusting. Unlike landlines that often require a lot of fixing and diagnosing, VoIP requires little to no technical support.

In some cases, you are only required you to download and install an app on your PC or Cell phone. In other cases, you can use an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) with existing analog based phones.

Technology that’s easy to configure works best for most businesses. Switching from traditional telephone systems to VoIP phone systems is simple. Also, maintenance can be done by people with limited technical know-how. Most VoIP phones have a web based portal built in.

It’s even easier for companies when the VoIP service provider is using a managed deployment system. This is because it allows service providers to easily make changes to the VoIP phones quickly and efficiently.

Improved Productivity

How does VoIP help boost productivity? With the right VoIP system, teams can conduct virtual meetings, have multi-person conference calls and forward calls to other devices when they can be at their desks.

VoIP can also improve overall productivity by enabling workers to multi-task without being interrupted. VoIP technology allows companies to have employee phones configured to ring on several devices all at once before forwarding to the voicemail. 

The latest version of the technology feature enhanced voice clarity─ rivaling traditional telephony. Also, you can configure voicemails systems to convert messages to audio files and email them as attachments. This means that you don’t need to always be near your phone to receive messages. 

Increases Flexibility

Mobility is one good reason to switch to VoIP. It allows your business to be anywhere at any time. As mentioned earlier, VoIP enables business users to forward calls from office phones to any device of choice.

These forwarded calls could be received from cell phones, desktop computers and laptops. VoIP also works well with “bring your own device”. This allows more workplace flexibility, which is something most employees appreciate.

In most cases, users can take their VoIP phones with them when they can’t be in the office.

Simple Conference Calls

While it’s also possible to participate in conference calls via a traditional phone system, you’ll most likely have extra costs to host several callers for a conference. Most VoIP service providers can provide Conference Call services as part of their standard VoIP business packages. This allows you to create and take part in conference calls easily without the added expense.

These services come as an added benefit to subscribed VoIP phones.


With VoIP technology, you can gain access to useful data that can improve your business. Some VoIP phones, for instance, can be integrated into customer management software (CRM). This helps you obtain useful data, like caller information, for analysis.

VoIP call recording, monitoring and reporting abilities can be instrumental. Analyzing these aspects can help improve compliance, identify security threats and drive better employee training.

Consider VoIP Phones for Your Business

Switching from an analog phone system to a system that solely runs on an internet connection can be somewhat daunting. But it doesn’t need to be.

VoIP offers a very user-friendly ways to communicate with your team and customers. The technology allows for video calls, chat capabilities and even video conferencing.

If you’re looking to add VoIP phones to your business, click here to find out how we can help with easy setup today.

What Are VoIP Phones and Why Does My Business Need Them? May 6th, 2020 Jerry Kendall