Covering All the Bases with a Hosted Business VoIP Phone System

The Client

Covermaster is proud to provide sport surface covers for clients from all around the world. Our global client base serves as a testament to the high levels of service and product quality that we provide to our customers. While other companies offer sport surface covers as a side-line business, these covers are Covermaster’s specialty.

The Challenge

Like many businesses this year, the senior team at Covermaster were making arrangements for self-quarantine in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. They contacted us to discuss a solution which would allow their staff to work remotely. We installed their VoIP Business Phone system a few years ago so we understood their business perfectly.

The Solution

Following a detailed discussion with the View-President of Covermaster to understand how and where staff would be working, we proposed a number of strategies which could be implemented. However, with any last-minute project there are security concerns and operational risks associated with implementing any changes to operational networks. These risks are even greater when the work needs to be completed quickly.

To minimize the chance of any problems to their network and the VoIP Phones they were using, we ultimately agreed on an approach which would migrate the current on-site VoIP phone system to a fully hosted business service. As the existing phone system is a VoIP phone system, the solution was simple to implement, requiring the current setup and call process functionalities to be cloned on a fully hosted business VoIP phone server.

It took just a couple of hours to complete this first part of the work (cloning the existing functionality), before we reconfigured the individual VoIP Phones to use the new cloud-based phone system which was simplified by the usage of VoIP Phone vendor global management system. Four hours later and all the existing phones were working properly and Covermaster was operating their business completely remotely.

The Results

Client feedback has been excellent. Staff across the business report excellent call quality that is just as good as the old system while staff are able to work from home or any other location where they are in self-isolation.

While most staff are using DSL and Broadband based internet connections, one staff member chose to self-isolate in a remote cottage that relies on a satellite-based internet service and with the exception of a very slight increase in lag time for conversations the VoIP Phone works perfectly.

The phone system is able to deliver all the features and functionality that were available previously and the new phone system was a natural step for the business to take having already invested in cloud-based technology for all other aspects of the business.

Although we completed this work as part of Covermaster’s Covid19 contingency planning, we have delivered a business phone system which will change the way the business works, embedding contingency planning and disaster recovery into the heart of the business.

Covering All the Bases with a Hosted Business VoIP Phone System May 6th, 2020 Jerry Kendall