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This article provides the step-by-step directions of configuring the ZoIPer softphone on an Android device or an iPhone.

Included here is a very basic ZoiPer setup indented to get you up and running with the least amount of effort.

Step 1: Open your AppStore and PlayStore application and locate the Search box.

Step 2: Enter ‘ZoiPer’ in the search box.

Step 3: Select ‘Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone’ and Install it. Once installed, launch it.

Step 4: Once it’s launched, you’ll see the default account setup screen

You will need to enter your SIP account credentials that you’ll find on the Rocket DID Portal Extension settings page.

The Username part in the ZoiPer setup is a concatenation of SIP Auth ID, the @ character, the value shown as SIP Server 1 and the port number of 8081.

The resulting Username should look something like 100@123456789.tor01.fiberconx.net:8081.

Step 5: Enter the SIP Server hostname in the ‘hostname or provider’ textbox

The hostname is on the format of 123456789.hst01.fiberconx.net:8081 where you will replace the entire hostname portion (before the colon) with the value in the SIP Server 1 field that you’ll find on the Rocket DID Portal Extension settings page.

Step 6: Skip this setup page

We don’t need to setup a SIP proxy so we can skip it.

Step 7: Protocol setup

We are using the SIP standard UDP protocol. Once selected, simply click the Finish button.

Once the setup has been saved, we are returned to the softphone app’s main page as shown here.

At this point, the minimal configuration is done. You can stop here and use it as is

Step 8: But, you might want to change the account name

To change the name associated with it on out smartphone. Press the three line menu button.

Step 8: Open the account settings page by clicking the Settings button.

And then click the Accounts button

You will see the currently configured account(s). Tap the account that you want to set the name of.

You will be presented with the account settings page. Tap the Account Name field to open the Account Name Editor. There you can change the name to something easier to understand.

Once you change the name and click OK, the new name will be shown.

As you work your way out, by pressing the Back Arrow at the top left, you’ll see the name change is completed. Selecting the Back Arrow again will take you back to the main screen.

ZoiPer Setup and Configuration Steps January 12th, 2024 Jerry Kendall